Why you need a PVG?

Once you are well aware of what PVG is all about, your concern should be whether you need a PVG. If you reside and work in Scotland, it is mandatory to be a member of the PVG scheme and undergo the evaluation. This is more applicable when you have a regulated work involving children and protected adults.

Are you able to handle small children and adults?

It is recommended to go through a PVG check. This is because the check helps you to showcase the organizations and companies or the individual employers that you are capable enough to handle and manage children and protected adults all by yourself without any supervision. You have the complete access to deal with the specific group on a regular basis.

Is your behaviour suitable for children and adults?

In case, you work for an individual employer, such a family member, you might be asked to undergo a PVG check. This is more so when you have a job as the nanny for kids or as a nurse for senior citizens and other adults. When you have a specific role to play where you to have to deal with kids and adults, such as being a teacher in Cognita schools, you will be required to clear check completely so that your behaviour is found suitable for the job role.

PVG check is mandatory

There are certain companies and organizations that will ask you to go through the PVG check on a regular basis. It is mandatory from your end to abide by the company demands. Moreover, even if you are temporarily volunteering to supervise children and protected adults, you will be required to undergo the same process. This is done to ensure that you have the right behaviour to deal with such a group of individuals.

What type of PVG check should you undergo?

You have to ask your employer, whether an individual or a company regarding the type of PVG check demanded. There are two different categories of PVG check.

  • Scheme Membership Record Check
  • Scheme Record Check

Based on the demands of your employer, you have to undergo the PVG check or evaluation and prove your eligibility as the apt employee to deal with small children and protected adults and senior citizens.

PVG check will take place on a regular basis

If you have undergone the PVG check or evaluation once, doesn’t mean in any way that you don’t have to go through the process again in the future. Since your job entails you to look after and handle small kids and protected adults, you have to undergo the strict PVG check on a regular basis. In fact, you have to keep updating new information and thereby undergo the PVG check as well.