Things To Consider When Choosing Electric Meter For Your Office

office spaceElectric meters has been around almost if not as long as the power industry started providing commercial electricity. It provides a way for power companies to determine the amount of electricity the public consumes making it possible to charge the consumers accordingly. Given the long history of electric meters, different types of electric meters has been released and used across the world over the passage of time. As of today, the available electric meters range from analog, digital and smart electric meters from JSG. Though some countries have limited options of electric meters, other countries allow consumers to have multiple choice of electric meters. Nonetheless, people who want to purchase and use an electric meter will still have to spend some time choosing. Here are the things to consider in choosing your electric meter.lightbulbs1

  1. Accuracy – People want and deserve to only pay what they consumed or used. An accurate electric meter will make consumers feel at ease since they do not think they are cheated with their bills. Digital electric meter is among the most accurate electric meters available. Analog electric meters are still accurate up to the single digit reading.
  2. Compatibility – Though there are a lot of electric meters available, there are different restrictions in different power companies. You need to know which electric meters are allowed by your power company before purchasing one. This will prevent you from spending money on electric meters which you cannot use.
  3. Features – Though electric meters have the same function of measuring power consumption, some electric meters provide readings on different increments which can be weekly or monthly. Some would record consumptions on previous months. On the other hand, some electric meter are prepaid while others are directly connected to the power companies and the power consumption is recorded in the company without having to send a utility man to do a manual reading on site.
  4. Readability – No matter how advance an electric meter is, it will be useless if the owner cannot read the data properly. Make sure you can easily read the different data in the electric meter without asking any help. This will allow you to monitor your consumption properly without any worries of being cheated.
  5. Cost – The prices of electric meters vary. You don’t need to force yourself to purchase an advance electric meter if it is not necessary. A simple electric meter will suffice at the beginning and you can simply upgrade your electric meter when it is convenient for you.

Most power companies will provide their consumers their own electric meters while others will require a purchased electric meter to be calibrated first before it can be used.

How To Look For FCA Compliance Advisors For Your Business

Businessmen and companies alike know the importance of FCA compliance advisors for their business. FCA compliance advisors assist in making sure that the business meets the requirements of the FCA to continue operating in UK. Any mishaps or negligence can give the FCA sufficient reason to stop the company operation whether temporarily or permanently. With such importance for your business, you should know how to look for the right FCA compliance advisors.

fca compliance

  1. Create a list of potential FCA compliance advisors – There are thousands of FCA compliance advisors in the UK. It could be a financial firm found online at or an individual. Nonetheless, the first thing you need to do is create a list of potential candidates. You can ask your friends or other businessmen if they can recommend quality FCA financial advisors. You can also check the Register of Statutory Auditors. It is recommended to create a list comprising of 5 or more potential candidates.
  2. Setup an appointment – In order to know more about the candidates and sort them out, you need to set an appointment to each one of them. You can prepare a set of questions or simply have the FCA compliance advisors make a presentation of what they can offer.
  3. Ask for credentials – Whatever you ask or discuss during the appointment, make sure to ask for the credentials of the candidates. Their credentials can help you know them better such as their experience, expertise, previous clients and policies. The credentials can help you determine whether they are qualified to become your FCA compliance advisors. Asking for contact information of previous clients or their education background would also help.
  4. Inquire how the FCA compliance advisor to get authorised, who will handle your situation – Though credentials are the foundation of the FCA compliance advisor, these are not enough. By inquiring how they would handle your situation, you will get a feel on whether they can provide the right assistance to your business or if they are not what they claimed to be.
  5. Investigate credentials – Do not hesitate to investigate the credentials of the candidates. The importance of their service as well as their access to classified information in your business are enough to justify such action. You can ask their previous clients about their performance or the organization and previous universities they mentioned in their credentials to determine if their claims are true.

Once you have narrowed your list down to one candidate, it is better to set another appointment to finalize the details and contract. Now you have the right FCA compliance advisor.