Hire Me

I’m a business advisor, writer, public speaker and digital marketing consultant. My particular interest is in successfully running startups and small businesses. I’m passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs of all ages to embrace their dreams and develop a business that will give them the life they want. I have trained hundreds of corporate teams on topics ranging from business management, social marketing to strategic decision making.


I have helped brands and institutions to increase the value of their professional reputations by solid marketing strategies. I have trained business owners, marketing teams, executives, customer service teams and others on digital and social tools to improve business, increase brand awareness and real their business or departmental goals.
With strong educational and professional background, I can transform your business into a successful venture. You can hire me for the following works:

  • Develop brand strategy and marketing
  • Develop plans for startup business including product development, marketing, sales and investment strategies
  • Provide strategic business advisory services
  • Train business staffs on smart social media and digital marketing

I’m a proven business leader and manager who can help to make your business grow. I have high depth of empirical experience that has helped to build my unique judgment, collaboration and communication skills. These skills are essential characteristics to lead and positively contribute to any business. Let us discuss about your business and see how we can increase it’s revenue and reputation in the market.