Benefits of VOIP for a Medium Sized Business

The way that businesses buy and use phone services is changing rapidly. No longer do you need to buy services from a telephone provider and pay for lots of telephones to be installed into your premises. VoIP systems are moving the technology forward and making telecoms services much easier for businesses.

With VoIP you don’t need to call out a telephone engineer whenever there is a problem with the phone system. It’s all controlled online and is easy to do. The VoIP system can be more reliable, easier to manage and cheaper than the majority of traditional phone line systems.

Luke Mead from Caelum Communications, said: “Moving a medium business over to VoIP is relatively painless and can bring many benefits to customers as well as saving the business money in operational costs. You can usually keep your number and your customers won’t notice the changeover.”

VoIP systems make it a lot easier to connect remote workers and staff across different office locations. Staff can use their personal phone for business calls but display the business number to callers, so keeping their phone private but without having to carry two mobiles around.

The system can travel with you throughout any office or staff moves so IT teams don’t need to get involved in updating the phone system any time someone gets promoted or moves office or house.

It’s easier to expand the number of phone numbers you have for your business using VoIP without incurring costs of adding in extra lines like you would with a traditional service and if you make a lot of long distance calls VoIP services are far less costly. Some VoIP packages for business may even include free overseas calls.

It’s much simpler to resolve problems and issues directly online so you don’t need to have a dedicated IT team for the phone systems and changing and updating the equipment is a lot easier and cheaper too.

There are choices in the type of VoIP system you implement – either a cloud-based version or an on-premises version and both have different features and benefits for your business or organization so it’s important to research and understand the two options.

There are other elements to consider as well such as how easy it is to add in new phones and new people to a VoIP system, compared with trying to add in a new landline to business premises in the traditional way.

With VoIP solutions you will need customer service support for some elements including the initial switch over, moves, future expansion of the phone services and any other changes you might wish to make so check these options out when selecting a provider.

VoIP is gaining in momentum as a growing technology which makes installing telephone systems much easier and far more flexible, which is really important for a medium-sized business. The cost reduction, simplicity and control that you gain, without the need to seek out specialist IT teams, can be a real benefit and boost to your business.