GaryI’m Gary Regnier. I’m a business consultant from UK. I’ve spent my entire life fixing businesses and solving problems. I’ve dealt with every type of business. I’ve the ability to increase business success and income. I analyze a business from inside and out, try to uncover opportunities that were overlooked, assets that were hidden and possibilities that were undervalued. I know the patterns that restrict or limit business growth.

I have been a student of business throughout my life. After completing my MBA from University of Manchester, I’d started working in one of the top business consulting firms in UK. That’s where my actual learning began. I’ve learned why a particular marketing approach works for one company, whereas it doesn’t for another. I’ve learned how to pull up a firm from literally going down. I’ve seen businesses succeed and fail according to the strategic decisions made. I’ve more than 20 years of experience in this field. I’ve handled more than 200 clients individually and 90% of them have been successful.

If you are finding difficulty in setting the right direction for your business, or cannot find out what’s hindering your business from moving forward, then you can contact me. I can steer your business forward and make it a profitable one.